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Classified Professional Development Committee provides information and access to professional development activities and funding opportunities to permanent classified staff.

Agendas and Minutes


  1. To encourage professional development by providing assistance, guidance, and financial support to classified staff in the expansion, progress, or growth of their professional development.
  2. To inform classified staff of Professional Development opportunities.
  3. To provide access and assistance to classified staff when applying for Professional Development funding.
  4. To create Classified Professional Growth opportunities by drawing on our college’s own intellectual resources as well as external sources.
  5. To encourage classified attendance at college-wide Professional Development activities and events.


  1. To create a Classified Professional Development Plan that takes into account the wideranging responsibilities of classified staff and work locations.
  2. To review the Classified Professional Development Committee budget annually and make adjustments to funding allocations as needed.
  3. Review and vote on all Campus Classified Professional Development Funding applications. The committee may discuss and recommend adjustments to proposals as needed.
  4. Identify and collaborate with the Faculty Professional Development Committee and Classified Senate on activities for which co-funding opportunities exist.
  5. To receive reports from staff who have been awarded professional development funds and provide a platform to share the information gathered with other classified staff.
  6. To provide and/or advertise professional development opportunities and resources for all classified staff.
  7. To review and revise as necessary committee processes and plans on a cyclical basis.


Total number of members is six to eight (6-8), including representation from the following constituency groups:

  1. Administrators (1)
    1. Administrative Liaison (1)
  2. Classified (7) - minimum of 5 unique members; a member may represent more than one area
    1. Classified Chair (1)
    2. Campus Campus Professional Development Funding Coordinator (1)
    3. Classified Senate President or designee (1)
    4. LRCEA Professional Development Fund Chairperson (1)
    5. LRSA Professional Development Representative or designee (1)
    6. Classified At Large (2)
  3. Resource
    1. Professional Development Coordinator (non-voting)
    2. Business Services Office representative, when requested (non-voting)

Committee Membership Roster

Ad Hoc