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The Curriculum Committee is responsible for the development, review, renewal, and proposal of curriculum, including courses, programs, and curriculum-related policy.

Agendas and Minutes


  1. To provide guidance, advocacy, and oversight for Folsom Lake College’s curriculum by ensuring that the curriculum is academically sound, comprehensive, relevant, and responsive to the evolving needs of our students and the community we serve.
  2. To maintain a commitment to the college mission, values, and goals and to the principles of collegial contact with our colleagues across the Los Rios Community College District.
  3. To forward proposals regarding academic and professional matters to the Academic Senate.


  1. To assist in the development of educational courses and programs and grading policies in accordance with the philosophy, policies, and objectives of the department, the college, and the district.
  2. To encourage creativity, flexibility, and innovation in curriculum development.
  3. To provide leadership and training for all college personnel in all curricular issues.
  4. To make proposals to the Academic Senate on all college concerns regarding curriculum and curriculum policies.
  5. To review proposals for all new and revised credit, noncredit, and not-for-credit courses.
  6. To review proposals for all new and revised programs.
  7. To review proposals for deletion of courses/updates of courses (report on periodic review resulting in no changes to catalog data elements).
  8. To review proposals for approval for distance education courses.
  9. To review proposals for approval for and validation of Prerequisites and/or Co-requisites and/or Advisories on Recommended Preparation.
  10. To review proposals for new or revised study abroad courses and programs.
  11. To develop and implement policies for reviewing proposals for new, revised, or renewed high school course articulation agreements.
  12. To review proposals for FLC graduation requirements and general education requirements for the AA and AS degrees, ADTs (Associate Degrees for Transfer), Certificates of Recognition and Certificates of Achievement.
  13. To assume responsibility for other academic and professional matters in curriculum as mutually agreed upon between Academic Senate President and the College President.
  14. To maintain current training and ensure all committee actions comply with the standards set forth by the Education Code, Title 5, and accrediting bodies.
  15. To assess and revise as necessary committee processes and plans on a cyclical basis.
  16. To actively engage and contribute in collegial interactions with the District Curriculum Coordinating Committee (DCCC), for program and course approvals, deletions, and revisions, as well as coordinate shared thematic block requests, Distance Education updates and Reading, Writing and Math competency requests.
  17. To communicate effectively with Program Review and Department Planning subcommittee about new program proposals, and obtain guidance in regards to new program development.
  18. To assure that Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID) pending approvals are conveyed effectively to faculty developers and assist in the articulation process.


Total number of members varies from fifteen to twenty-three (15-23), including representation from the following constituency groups:

  1. Administrators (1)
    1. Administrative Liaison (1)
  2. Faculty (10-18)
    1. Faculty Chair (1)
    2. Articulation Officer (1)
    3. Faculty (8-16), 1-2 from each area, priority given to represent all instructional areas
  3. Classified (2)
    1. Degree Evaluator (1)
    2. Office of Instruction (1)
  4. Students (2)

Committee Membership Roster