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General Education (GE)/Baccalaureate/Multicultural Degree Requirement Subcommittee's objectives are to review and make recommendations to the Curriculum Committee on the applicability of courses proposed toward satisfying AA/AS degree General Education (GE), ADT’s course transferability to four year institutions (elective, general education, admission, and preparation for the major), Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) and CSU General Education.

Agendas and Minutes


  1. To review and make recommendations on placing courses in one or more of the GE graduation requirements of Natural Science, Social Sciences, Humanities, Languages and Rationality, Living Skills, Ethnic/Multicultural Studies, and American Institutions.
  2. To utilize criteria derived from Title 5 and LRCCD policies and regulations for recommending course approval for appropriate GE categories.
  3. To focus review mainly on course description, learning outcomes and objectives, and course topics, ensuring each of these components of the curriculum outline illustrates all aspects of the criteria for the requested GE category.
  4. To provide feedback to faculty developers regarding the need for more information or clarification of any aspect of the course outline or to explain reasons for request denials.
  5. To review courses submitted for CSU GE and IGETC based on statewide guidelines for these GE areas. Submit courses found to meet these criteria to CSU and UC system offices for final approval.
  6. To review courses submitted for UC transferability. Submit courses found to meet UC transfer criteria to UC system office for final approval.
  7. To provide recommendations on articulation agreements for new transferable courses based on research and segmental-wide guidelines and Executive Orders as published by the CSU Chancellor’s Office, UC Office of the President, and individual colleges and universities.


  1. To review requests from students regarding course substitutions towards GE requirements and Interdisciplinary degrees from outside colleges and make recommendations to the Curriculum Committee regarding these requests.
  2. To review local requests for courses seeking placement within the FLC general education pattern for Associate degrees and make recommendations to the Curriculum Committee.
  3. To review courses that meet the Ethnic/Multicultural Studies requirement as they are being revised, and report to the Curriculum Committee about whether the course is reaffirmed or if the recommendation is to remove applicability.
  4. To review local requests for courses from regionally accredited colleges/universities (other than California Community Colleges and CSUs) for placement within CSU-GE and IGETC patterns.


Total number of members is four to six (4-6), including representation from the following constituency groups:

  1. Faculty (3-5)
    1. Articulation Officer (1)
    2. Counselor (1)
    3. Members from the Curriculum Committee (1-3)
  2. Classified (1)
    1. Evaluator (1)

Committee Membership Roster