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The Prerequisite/Co-requisite/Advisory Subcommittee maintains responsibility for the review of prerequisite, co-requisite, or advisory requests that appear in course outlines.

Agendas and Minutes


  1. To provide guidance to faculty developers in properly justifying a requisite request based upon the standards set forth in Title 5.
  2. To be the recommending body to the Curriculum Committee with regard to approval of a requisite request.
  3. To ensure that those requisite requests needing to have research conducted as part of the validation process are completed within the time-frame set forth in Title 5.
  4. To ensure that standing requisites are reviewed on a regular basis as mandated by Title 5.


  1. To assist developers in making appropriate requisite requests.
  2. To review curriculum proposals and make recommendations to Curriculum Committee in making appropriate requisite decisions.
  3. To provide guidance and scrutiny to validate a particular requisite request.
  4. To encourage faculty to thoughtfully consider appropriate requisites for their courses.
  5. To periodically monitor courses that have requisites to ensure that they are being reviewed within the appropriate time frame.
  6. To work with the OIR to develop and maintain sound research practices for validating prerequisites.


Total number of members is three to four (3-4), including representation from the following constituency groups:

  1. Faculty (2-3), with priority given to represent:
    1. Curriculum Chair or designee
    2. Articulation Officer
    3. College Researcher
    4. Faculty from English with experience reviewing prerequisite challenges
    5. Faculty from Math with experience reviewing prerequisite challenges
    6. Faculty from other disciplines may be appointed on an ad hoc basis, depending on need
  2. Classified (1)
    1. Research Analyst (1)

Committee Membership Roster