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The Program Mapping Subcommittee maintains responsibility for the development, review, renewal, proposal, and deletion of program maps.

Agendas and Minutes


  1. To provide guidance, advocacy and oversight for Folsom Lake College program maps by ensuring that the program maps are academically sound, comprehensive and help to guide students to meet their academic goals.
  2. To inform the scheduling process to maximize student completion.
  3. To collaborate with the Curriculum Committee and department chairs to ensure program maps, the college website and the catalog are accurate.
  4. To maintain a commitment to the college mission, values and goals and to the principles of collegial contact with our colleagues across the Los Rios Community College District.


  1. To assist in the development of program maps in accordance with the district’s design principles that meet the objectives of the students, the department, the college, and the district.
  2. To review proposals for all new and revised program maps.
  3. To encourage creativity, flexibility, and innovation in schedule development.
  4. To make proposals to the Curriculum Committee and/ or the Academic Senate on all college concerns regarding academic and professional matters with respect to program maps.
  5. To develop, evaluate, and revise program mapping processes related to curriculum changes.
  6. To ensure all committee actions comply with the standards set forth by the Education Code and Title 5.
  7. To assess and revise as necessary committee processes and plans on a cyclical basis.
  8. To actively engage and contribute in collegial interactions with the district efforts to implement Guided Pathways.


Total number of members is thirteen (13), including Faculty and Administrative Co-Chairs and representation from the following constituents:

  1. Administrators (1)
    1. Administrative Liaison (1)
  2. Faculty (7)
    1. Faculty Chair (1)
    2. Instructional Faculty (4)
      1. Faculty Liaison to Curriculum Committee (1)
      2. Faculty Liaison to Pathways Design Team (1)
      3. Faculty At Large (2)
    3. Faculty Counselors (2)
  3. Classified Professionals (3)
    1. Degree Evaluator/Auditor (1)
    2. Public Information Services Office (1)
    3. Scheduling Office (1)
  4. Students (2)

Committee Membership Roster


Program Mapping