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The On Course Subcommittee serves as a collaborative forum to integrate the On Course Principles of Student Success on across campus.

Agendas and Minutes


To promote and integrate the On Course Principles of Student Success.


  1. To help coordinate and support the integration of On Course in instructional and student service programs.
  2. To provide student services and instruction departments with best practices related to On Course.
  3. To help coordinate On Course professional development activities at FLC and our sister colleges.
  4. To develop On Course materials accessible to faculty and staff.
  5. To develop and implement a train the trainer model for On Course.
  6. To develop and implement an On Course mentoring program.
  7. To make recommendations to other college committees related to On Course.
  8. Support the On Course Navigators program.


Total number of members is eleven (11), including representation from the following constituency groups:

  1. Administrators (2), including Administrative Tri-Chair
    1. Dean of Instruction (1)
    2. Dean of Student Services or Student Success (1)
  2. Faculty (8), including Faculty Tri-Chair
    1. Faculty (8), one from each area
  3. Classified (1)
    1. Classified Tri-Chair - Classified Professional Development Chair or designee (1)

Committee Membership Roster