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The Sabbatical Leaves Subcommittee evaluates and makes recommendations on faculty applications for paid Type A and Type B sabbatical leaves in accordance with the LRCCD-LRCFT Contract.

Agendas and Minutes


To review and recommend sabbatical applications based on established criteria and processes.


  1. Ensure current sabbatical practices are in compliance with LRCCD-LRCFT Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  2. To make recommendations on how annual sabbatical leave totals are allocated.
  3. To determine meetings for leave application evaluation and recommendation.
  4. To maintain Instruction office timelines for the sabbatical process.
  5. To report to the FPDC regarding all sabbatical activities.


Total number of members is ten to eleven (10-11), including representation from the following constituency groups:

  1. Administrators (1)
  2. Faculty (9-10)
    1. Faculty Chair - FPDC Co-Chair or designee (1)
    2. Faculty (7-8), one from each instructional area who must be a serving member on the FPDC. Faculty Chair can simultaneously serve as chair and as an area representative.
    3. LRCFT Representative (1), per LRCCD-LRCFT Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Committee Membership Roster