The Research Advisory Council serves as a collaborative forum to support, evaluate, and make recommendations regarding grant opportunities, college goals, and research projects.

Agendas and Minutes


  1. To facilitate, monitor, evaluate and recommend college goals and standards.
  2. To identify grant opportunities and provide support for individuals seeking grants.
  3. To serve as the Institutional Research Board.


  1. To review and evaluate key performance indicators data and institutional set standards to recommend if existing standards/goals should be revised, or if new standards/goals should be added.
  2. To annually review existing college-wide standards and goals, as established the prior year, and evaluate if the college is meeting or not meeting its benchmarks.
  3. To serve as a resource and liaison for departments and units regarding existing and new department/unit standards and goals.
  4. To recommend college-wide standards and goals to the Academic Senate and Institutional Effectiveness committee.
  5. To facilitate department and unit dialogue regarding their specific standards and goals, and forward those recommendations to the Academic Senate and Institutional Effectiveness Committee.
  6. To review and evaluate new or revised standards and goals resulting from state and/or federal mandates.
  7. To identify grant opportunities that align with the mission, strategic planning goals, and resource needs of the college.
  8. To serve as a liaison between the LRCCD Grants Office and Folsom Lake College, and provide local support for grant efforts to college staff, faculty, and administration.
  9. To serve as the Institutional Review Board (IRB), and review human subject research proposals to ensure that the rights and welfare of human subjects used in research studies by College personnel, students, or researchers are protected; that risks have been considered and minimized; that the potential for benefit has been identified and maximized; that all human subjects only volunteer to participate in research after being provided with legally sound, informed consent (unless waived); that any research is conducted in an ethical manner and in compliance with established standards.


Total number of members is six (6), including representation from the following constituency groups:

  1. Administrators (1)
  2. Faculty (2)
  3. Classified (2)
  4. Students (1)

Committee Membership Roster

Folsom Lake College Grant Process

All grants, including grant-like projects must be submitted to the Research Advisory Council (RAC) for vetting via the grant proposal form.

Request to Conduct Research at Folsom Lake College

If individuals or groups would like to request permission to conduct research at Folsom Lake College (FLC ) and/or other colleges in the Los Rios District, approval is needed through our local research review process. Guidelines for requesting approval are described in the documents below.

If you have questions, or need assistance, please contact Molly Senecal, Dean of Planning and Research, at or (916) 608-6688.


Adobe PDFConducting Research Information (PDF)
Adobe PDFResearch Request Form (PDF)
Adobe PDFSample Consent Form (PDF)