The Basic Skills Subcommittee servesas a collaborative forum to coordinate, review, and make recommendations regarding basic skills student success.

Agendas and Minutes


  1.  To assist in the development of a Basic Skills Plan.
  2.  To provide input related to basic skills decisions.
  3.  To assess FLC’s basic skills planning processes
  4.  To regularly review and provide recommendations on the integration with SSSP and SEP.


  1. To help coordinate the integration of student services support systems with basic skills instructional programs.
  2. To regularly assess for effectiveness, and recommend improvements to existing basic skills programs and policies at FLC.
  3. To regularly analyze data, report, and make recommendations related to basic skills student performance and success.
  4. To recommend, as necessary, new processes to ensure that FLC’s basics skills programs are effective and student success oriented.
  5. To help coordinate state and mandated initiatives related to basic skills.
  6. To oversee and make recommendations related to any basic skills funding.
  7. To support departments in which basic skills curriculum is offered.
  8. To support the development of services such as learning skills that assist the basic skills instructional programs.
  9. To provide student services and instruction departments best practices related to basic skills.
  10. To report findings and make recommendations to appropriate college-wide groups.


Total number of members is seven (7), including representation from the following constituency groups:

  1. Administrators (2), one serves as Administrative Co-Chair
    1. Dean of Instruction (1) with administrative responsibilities in one of the following disciplines: English, English as a Second Language, Math, or Reading
    2. Dean of Student Services or Student Success (1)
  2. Faculty (5), one serves as Faculty Co-Chair
    1. Counseling (1)
    2. English (1)
    3. English as a Second Language (1)
    4. Math (1)
    5. Reading (1)

Committee Membership Roster