The Basic Skills (BSI)/Student Equity Plan (SEP)/Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) Subcommittee serves as the collaborative forum that coordinates the creation and execution of the BSI/SEP/SSSP integrated plan.

Agendas and Minutes


To write, implement, and review the integrated tri-plan.


  1. To collaborate with the Diversity and Equity Committee to implement the Student Equity Plan.
  2. To collaborate with Matriculation and Student Success to review proposed revisions for the Student Success and Support Program Plan.
  3. To collaborate with the Basic Skills Subcommittee to review and provide recommendations on the update of the Basic Skills Plan.


Total number of members is ten (10), including representation from the following constituency groups:

  1. Administrators (3)
    1. BSI Coordinator (1)
    2. SEP Coordinator (1)
    3. SSSP Coordinator (1)
  2. Faculty (4)
    1. Members of Basic Skills Initiative (4)
  3. Classified (2)
    1. Member of Matriculation and Student Success Committee (1)
    2. Member of Diversity and Equity Committee (1)
  4. Students (1)

Committee Membership Roster