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The Enrollment Management Subcommittee serves as a collaborative forum to coordinate, to develop, to review, and to make recommendations regarding enrollment management planning.

Agendas and Minutes


  1. To develop and to maintain an Enrollment Management Plan.
  2. To assess FLC’s scheduling and enrollment management planning.
  3. To make recommendation to the college related to scheduling and enrollment management decision making processes.


  1. Evaluate on-going enrollment trends, activities, and initiatives.
  2. Initiate research on scheduling and instruction at the department and division levels as well as within and outside the district.
  3. Use high-quality qualitative and quantitative data to inform recommendations.
  4. Collaborate with college constituencies to develop, implement, and evaluate enrollment management goals and strategies that align with FLC’s College Master Plan.
  5. Assess, evaluate, and make recommendations for student support strategies to enhance student access, success, persistence, and goal attainment.
  6. Report and make recommendations to Curriculum, Matriculation and Student Success, and the Institutional Effectiveness Committee.
  7. Monitor and evaluate progress toward strategic enrollment planning goals.


Total number of members is thirteen (13), including representation from the following constituency groups:

  1. Administrators (4)
    1. Administrative Co-Chair - Vice President of Instruction (1)
    2. Dean of Instruction (1), preferably Math or English
    3. Dean of Planning and Research (1)
    4. Dean of Student Services or Student Success (1)
  2. Faculty (5), one serves as Faculty Co-Chair
    1. Counseling (1)
    2. Curriculum Chair (1)
    3. Instruction (2), preferably department chairs
    4. Scheduling (1)
  3. Classified (3)
    1. Admissions/Evaluations (1)
    2. Outreach (1)
    3. Public Information Services Office (1)
  4. Students (1)

Committee Membership Roster