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The Student Success Subcommittee serves as a forum for discussing student success issues and for identifying and implementing strategies aimed specifically at improving student success.

Agendas and Minutes


  1. To foster acceptance of a broader definition of student success, one that better reflects what constitutes collegiate success for many of our students.
  2. To assist in identifying appropriate ways of measuring and monitoring new indicators of student success.
  3. To identify those groups of students with the largest performance gaps and then research, plan, and implement, or propose activities or interventions aimed at addressing these gaps.
  4. To research student success best practices (strategies, activities, interventions) and assess the viability and goodness of fit for their implementation at FLC.
  5. To implement approved success oriented activities and seek out collaborative opportunities for implementing others.
  6. To identify and propose ways of addressing obstacles to student success found in FLC’s existing matriculation components.
  7. To aid in institutionalizing specific Basic Skills Initiative and other activities that have been shown to be particularly effective in improving student success.
  8. To identify barriers that students have both at the college and district levels.
  9. To implement activities and strategies that break down barriers for students.


  1. To establish a list of viable student success strategies/activities/interventions recommended for implementation at FLC and report this annually updated plan to the Academic Senate.
  2. To assess the benefit to students (improved success) of each student success activity implemented and report findings to the Matriculation Committee and to the Academic Senate.
  3. To follow best practice planning models in prioritizing recommended strategies/activities/interventions, irrespective of current budgets, to prepare for future funding.
  4. To seek collaboration opportunities both on campus and beyond to facilitate the implementation of student success strategies.
  5. To ensure that high value student success activities are discussed and promoted during cyclical updates to the college’s strategic plan.
  6. To make effective use of current methods of disseminating information/tips/strategies which promote student success (e.g., Flex, TLC).


Total number of members varies and includes representation from all constituency groups. Subcommittee chair may be faculty or classified.

Committee Membership Roster