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The Safety Committee maintains a safe working and learning environment for faculty, staff, administrators, students, and community members.

Agendas and Minutes


  1. To consider Health and Safety issues and direct them to the appropriate individuals or services.
  2. To forward recommendations regarding health and safety issues that cannot be resolved at the committee level to the College President.
  3. To assess and revise as necessary committee processes and plans on a cyclical basis.


  1. Reports filed by employees or others of alleged safety deficiencies.
  2. Accident reports filed by employees or others – examine cause and develop a follow-up procedure for correction.
  3. Safety equipment, safety classes, and other related safety matters, including safety procedures, safety handbooks, and the responsibility of employees and students concerning safety practices.
  4. To carry recommendations regarding health and safety issues not resolved at the college/facilities management level to the District Safety Committee, Preparedness Assessment Team, Risk Management office, or other appropriate individuals or services.
  5. To work cooperatively and collaboratively with Preparedness Awareness Team.


Total number of members is twenty-six (26), including representation from the following constituency groups*:

  1. Administrators (3)
    1. Administrative Chair/Location Safety Officer - Vice President of Administration or designee (1)
    2. Los Rios Police Department Captain or designee (1)
    3. LRMA Representative (1)
  2. Faculty (8)
    1. Academic Senate President or designee (1)
    2. Budget and Facilities Planning Committee Faculty Co-Chair or designee (1)
    3. College Nurse (1)
    4. LRCFT Representative (1)
    5. Adjunct Faculty Member (1)
    6. Faculty At Large (3)
  3. Classified (13)
    1. Administrative Services - College Operations (1)
    2. Chemical Hygiene Officer (1)
    3. Classified Senate President or designee (1)
    4. Custodial Services (1)
    5. Educational Center Representatives (2), one from each EDC and RCC
    6. Harris Center for the Arts (1)
    7. LRCEA Representative (1)
    8. LRSA Representative (1)
    9. SEIU Representative (1)
    10. Student Life Supervisor (1)
    11. Student Services - DSPS (1)
    12. Classified At Large (2)
  4. Students (2)
  5. Resource
    1. Communications & Public Information Officer (non-voting)

* Some members may represent the interests of more than one constituency.

The following district committees will be represented by required or appointed members of the college’s Safety Committee:

  1. LRCCD Safety Committee
  2. Preparedness Assessment Team

Committee Membership Roster