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The Technology Committee maintains responsibility for technology planning.

Agendas and Minutes


  1. To function as an information conduit between local constituent groups and district technology committees.
  2. To serve as an information conduit between local constituent groups and college IT Services.
  3. To gather and disseminate information about college-wide technology initiatives.
  4. To serve as a resource to other participatory governance committees and the Academic Senate on technology matters.
  5. To champion innovation.
  6. To forward proposals regarding academic and professional matters to the Academic Senate.
  7. To forward recommendations regarding non-academic and professional matters to the College President.


  1. To create mechanisms to support intelligent decision making in the areas of technology growth, planning, support, training, and utilization.
  2. To craft and publicize best practices pertaining to technology.
  3. To evaluate emerging technologies and make recommendations to the college community on the piloting and institutionalization of same.
  4. To assume responsibility for other academic and professional matters in the area of technology planning as mutually agreed upon between Academic Senate President and the College President.
  5. To ensure all committee actions comply with the standards set forth by the Education Code and Title V.
  6. To assess and revise as necessary committee processes and plans on a cyclical basis.


Total number of members is twenty-five (25), including representation from the following constituency groups:

  1. Administrators (3)
    1. Administrative Co-Chair (1)
    2. Dean of Technology (1)
    3. Dean of Planning and Research or designee (1)
  2. Faculty (12)
    1. Faculty Co-Chair (1), from any area
    2. Faculty (8), one from each area
    3. Instructional Design and Development Coordinator (1)
    4. Librarian (1)
    5. LRCFT Representative (1)
  3. Classified (8)
    1. IT Services Supervisor or designee (1)
    2. Web Design Specialist (1)
    3. Classified At Large (6), with priority representation from each of the following areas: Computer Lab, DSPS, IT, Media Services, and Student Services.
  4. Students (2)

Committee Membership Roster

Ad Hoc Subcommittees

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  2. Employee Intranet (Insider)