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Behavior Intervention Team (BIT)

The FLC Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) provides confidential support for students who may be in crisis or exhibiting signs of crisis or concern. The information gathered from our referrals will help inform proactive processes regarding the health and well-being of our campus community.

Students, community members, and faculty can make referrals. If you are concerned about a student's well-being, the BIT is a resource for both the student and yourself. Please go to the Referral Form to begin the referral process.

Referral Form

Our Mission

The BIT addresses behaviors that raise concern for the health and safety of individuals and the campus community. The BIT uses a social justice framework of assistance, prevention, proactive support, and empowerment for student success.

Essential functions to support the mission include the following:

  • Provide a structure for an effective method of identifying behaviors that impact the health, wellness, and success of students.
  • Determine the appropriate tools, resources, or support to respond to all referrals, and ultimately prevent isolated and patterned behaviors from escalating.
  • Create an established protocol and transparent referral process for incidents of concern.
  • Collect information from the campus community about individuals who demonstrate - through current or past behavior, conduct, or expression - that they may pose a risk to themselves or the campus community.
  • Evaluate the nature of and respond to all referrals made to this group.
  • Coordinate resources and follow-up communication to ensure a comprehensive response plan.
  • Promote campus health, wellness, and student success by fostering a culture of empowerment, support, and intervention.
  • Inform training and professional development opportunities around health, wellness, and student success.
  • Assess, evaluate, and evolve team functions and protocol as best practices are identified and refined.


Case Managers

Sonia Ortiz-Mercado
Vice President of Student Services & Student Conduct Officer BIT Chair

Dr. Kellie Butler
Dean of Student Services

Brian Robinson
Dean of Rancho Cordova Center

Dr. Molly Senecal
Dean of Institutional Research & Title IX Officer

Mary Hansen
College Nurse

Captain Valerie Cox
Campus Police

Liaisons and Support

Jeff Lewis
IT Supervisor

Marsha Peralta
Instructional faculty

Libby Cook
EOP&S/CARE Coordinator

Lucia Piedra
General Counselor (Rancho Cordova Center)

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an emergency, is a BIT referral appropriate?

If you are currently in an emergency, call (916) 558-2221, and press 0 to reach a campus police dispatcher. Return to this webpage when the situation has stabilized.

What types of referrals are appropriate?

BIT referrals

BIT referrals should relate to concerns about a student who may be exhibiting concerning behavior or signs of crisis. This may include signs of mental health issues, suicidal ideation (at-risk of suicide), personal crisis (homelessness, food insecurity, etc.).


Conduct issues should be reported to the college’s Student Conduct Officer.

Title IX

Concerns regarding sexual abuse, harassment, or assault should be reported to campus police and the college’s Title IX Officer. Email: Phone: (916) 608-6688


Concerns about poor academic performance or attendance, should be referred to the college’s Early Alert Referral Form.

    What happens if I make a BIT referral?

    When you make a referral, the BIT members will receive a campus email.

    • BIT members are on duty each week and will respond to referrals within 24 hours or sooner, depending on the urgency of the reported situation. BIT members will meet quickly as needed for referrals that require an urgent response. Otherwise, the team meets bi-monthly to review the status of referrals in progress, actions taken to support the students, and assess (or re-assess) crisis level.
    • Additional information may be collected from the referring party or by others
    • The BIT members will use the NaBITA Threat Assessment Tool and will determine the appropriate intervention plan and action.
    • The BIT Members will provide you feedback, as appropriate and consistent with Los Rios policies and state and federal regulations.

    Will the student find out who made the referral?

    Typically, when the BIT receives a referral, the student is contacted via email and phone call by the case manager who lets them know that we received a referral because someone on campus cares and is worried about the student’s well-being. We will ask you if it is OK to let the student know who made the referral, otherwise the referral is kept anonymous and confidential.

      What are the advantages of submitting a referral?

      • The situation will be investigated.
      • Support will be provided to the student and referring party.
      • Inappropriate behavior will be addressed.
      • Immediate threats will result in immediate action.
      • Referrals provide valuable information to FLC regarding the health and safety of our campus.

      How will I know if my referral has been received?

      You will receive an email from the BIT. You will also be able to track the status of your referral.

        Will I be able to find out the outcome of the referral?

        Yes, within the limitations of Los Rios policy and state and federal regulations.


          Sacramento Co Access Team (916) 875-1055

          WellSpace Health 24 Hour Crisis Line (916) 368-3111

          CARES Community Health (916) 914-6200

          J St. Community Health Center-WellSpace (916) 313-8400

          TLCS Mental Health Crisis Respite Services (916) 737-7483

          Gender Health Center (916) 455-2391

          Sacramento LGBT Community Center (916) 442-0185 - ext 100


          Emergency: (916) 558-2221, press 0 (zero)