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Aramark Approval Instructions for Catering Services for FLC, EDC and RCC

Steps 1-7 must be completed to place a confirmed catering order with FLC Food Services.

  1. Obtain an Aramark quote from FLC Food Services for each catering event by emailing
  2. Print each Aramark quote
  3. Add BUDGET CODE under Special Instruction within Aramark quote
  4. Obtain Approver Signature on the bottom of Aramark quote or approved email from: Area Dean, Supervisor, and Administrator.
  5. Email authorized quote to FLC Food Services
  6. Email completed quote form to Jen Taylor,, within 7 Business days prior to event
    Other Support Documentation may be required depending on type of event:
    • Catered Walk In/Walk Out Events open to college-wide students/staff or community at large should be submitted with a copy of Event Flyer or Brochure.
    • Catered Meetings, Workshops, or Other events with planned purpose should be submitted with a copy of event Agenda & List of Invitees/Attendees or Sign Sheet – within 5 days after the event.
  7. Make sure adequate funds are available in the designated 5200 BUDGET STRING to cover this approved catering chargeback
    • Aramark will be paid from CW/BPO managed by BSO-catering expense for each event (based on final quote & invoice), will be charged back to the approved budget designed on signed quote form/approved email.
  8. If changes occur later resulting in a revised quote, follow steps 1-7 above and submit all final revisions

NOTE: Please DO NOT submit any other FLC or LRCCD requisition, LPO, or BOR forms with your completed/ approved quotes.