A high quality workforce is critical in establishing and maintaining the excellence of an educational institution. It follows, therefore, that the selection of qualified employees is one of the most important functions undertaken by a college or district. The college staff and administration strives to recruit the most qualified candidates for each position being offered at the college, and maintain fair and equitable hiring process.

For hiring and equity training, please view the following documents:
FLC Hiring Committee Trained List
Adobe PDFFLC Hiring the Best and Equity Representative Training


Classified Hiring

To select qualified classified staff in support of the college's mission to ensure rigorous academic programs, comprehensive student support services, and a culture that honors diversity, cultivates sustainability, and encourages civic engagement.

New Position Requests

Requests for new classified positions are identified and submitted through the department's or unit's Annual Department/Unit Plan or Program Review.

Classified Hiring Priorities Committee (CHPC)

Purpose of Committee: review, discuss and make priority recommendations to the College President on permanent classified hiring requests identified through the college planning process (Annual Department/Unit Plans).

Adobe PDFCHCP Process and Operating Guidelines (PDF)

Hiring Process

The classified hiring process is defined under LRCCD Policy and Regulation 6100 Employment Procedures, 6122 Classified Personnel Recruitment, Selection and Appointment; Regular and Long-Term Temporary Positions and the respective collective bargaining contract.


Adobe PDFClassified Hiring Summary of Guidelines (PDF)
Adobe PDFFLC Equity Representative Talking Points (PDF)
LRCCD HR Hiring a Classified Employee
LRCCD Shared Principles for Screening, Interviewing, and Confidentiality