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Folsom Lake College has implemented a new print management solution called PaperCut. In order to print and make copies, you’ll need to authenticate at the copier using W+Employee ID and password (the same username and password that you use to login to the network and access your Los Rios email and Canvas). The new system also includes the ability to use Employee Cards that have proximity capability to logon at the copier instead of having to manually enter your credentials. 

If you have an older Employee Card that doesn’t have proximity capability, or if you forget your card in your office, you can always manually enter your W+Employee ID and password to release print jobs and make copies. However, in the future you’ll use your Employee proximity Card to open doors at workrooms, so the odds will be that you’ll have it with you to make copies and retrieve print jobs.

In the past with our older print management system, print jobs automatically printed out and were often found sitting in the copier output tray or workroom counter. This new system will print out when you are there to authenticate with your credentials or proximity card. You can print out tests and quizzes without having to quickly get to a workroom for fear that a student may wander into the workroom or another employee grab your print job accidentally with their print job.

Print and Copy Cost

Cost per page is $0.03 for black/white (each side) and $0.10 color (each side) for those with color permissions. Print and copy cost is based on dollars ($) with a cost per page.

Employees are given a quota amount that is automatically assigned to individuals each semester. The quota allowances are:

Faculty: $18 per section
Counselors: $250 per semester
Classified: $90 per semester
Administrative Assistants: $250 per semester
Managers and Supervisors: $250 per semester

If you need a change to your quota amount, please contact your division dean.

Print Authentication

Authenticating to a Copier

To login to a copier, you can use an Employee Card (with proximity capability) or just your network credentials (W+Employee ID and password). A proximity card has an embedded RFI chip that can be read by a special reader attached to the copier. To know if your Employee Card has proximity capability, look on the back of your ID card and in the lower left corner it should have the word “iCLASS”. If you don’t have an Employee Card with proximity capability, a new card can be obtained at Campus Police.

Copiers Requiring Authentication

The following copiers require authentication for printing and copying:

FL1 Faculty Workroom (Konica 654)
FL1 Student Services Workroom (Toshiba 3040)
FL2 Faculty Workroom (Canon 5045)
FL4 Faculty Workroom (Canon 2230)
FR Career Services (Konica 258)
GYM Faculty Workroom (Canon 2230)
PE Faculty Workroom (Konica 4050)
VAPA Faculty Workroom (Canon 5035)
VAPA Admin Offices (Canon 5035)
EDC Building C (Konica 287)
EDC Faculty Workroom (Toshiba 5506)
RCC Faculty Workroom (Konica 658)

Printing to any of these copiers requires that you print using a print queue on the FLC-PRINT-ADMIN server. When you print a document, the printer should have FLC-PRINT-ADMIN in the queue name and look similar to this: \\flc-print-admin\FacultyWkrms_FL2_FL4_GYM_PAC. If you don’t see FLC-PRINT-ADMIN in the queue name, then you won’t be able to print to the copier and release the documents. As each copier is set up for PaperCut, network policies will be updated to distributed the appropriate print queues to your computer. If you’re not seeing the copier that you’d like to use, please contact IT Services at (916) 608-6561.

Copier Use

FLC and the Outreach Centers have several different makes and models of copiers. For the most part, you’ll find either Canon, Konica, or Toshiba copiers.

Copiers will have a proximity card reader mounted to the side or installed internally:



To make copies or retrieve a print job, either tap your employee proximity card at the sensor or enter your W+Employee ID and password at the login screen. If this is the first time you’re using your proximity card, you’ll be prompted to enter your W+Employee ID and password to associate it with your card. Afterwards, you can just tap your proximity card at the sensor to login to the copier. As mentioned earlier, if you forget your proximity card you can always enter in your username/password at the login screen.

Once authenticated at the copier, you’ll see a screen similar to this:

PaperCut Menu

Press USE COPIER to make copies. All other copy functions will be the same as with our prior print management system.

To print a specific document, highlight it and press PRINT. Press PRINT ALL to print all pending documents. Highlight a document and press DELETE if you no longer want to print a specific document.

Notice the cost associated with each print job as well as your balance of funds available for printing/copying.

Press LOGOUT when you’re done copying and/or printing.

Employee Printing (PaperCut) Website

View your available quota amount ($ balance) for printing/copying, as well as various other information such as print history and pending print jobs.  Once you go to the link, you’ll see a login prompt that looks like this:

PaperCut - Login

Notice that the W+Employee ID is already shown as the webpage is picking up the ID of the person logged on the local computer. Just click CONTINUE to login to the web page. If you’re on a computer logged on with a different account, just click the selection that says ‘Switch User’ and then enter in your W+Employee ID and password.

Future Capabilities

The new PaperCut solution has with it the capability to print from mobile devices. This feature will be available as soon as possible once all the copiers are set up. Instructions on how to print from mobile devices will be provided once that feature is implemented. The software also has a feature called ‘follow-me printing’ which allows you to print to just one print queue and then release your print job from any copier (instead of having to select a specific copier to print to). This feature will also be enabled as soon as possible with instructions to follow.

Please contact IT Services at (916) 608-6561 if you have any questions or problems with the new print system.