College travel procedures include district policies on travel and reimbursement, forms to be completed, and processes to be followed in submitting and completing travel requests. Authorization for an employee or a student of the Los Rios Community College District to participate in a conference or special business trip, is granted when the appropriate travel authorization form is completed and processed.

Process for Classified Staff

Classified travel must be coordinated with your Dean/Supervisor/Manager. You must complete the Travel Authorization Reimbursement Claim (BS#106) Section 1 prior to traveling on any approved district business, whether or not reimbursement is requested. Information to be submitted with the travel authorization includes supporting documentation showing dates and expenses of the travel, conference, workshop, etc. This must accompany the travel request form and should be submitted at least four (4) weeks in advance of your departure.

Travel over 500 miles from Sacramento must be submitted at least six (6) weeks in advance of departure. Forms route from the classified staff member to the dean/supervisor/ manager, to the appropriate VP, to the Business Services office, and to the College President before final approval can be assured for long distance travel.

After completion of your travel, receipts for all expenses must be turned in with the claim portion (Part III) of the travel authorization. This should be sent to the Business Office no later than three days after your return.

Classified staff may apply for Professional Development funds to support their professional growth. Depending on employee group and department, classified staff have four available funding sources. Classified staff seeking professional development funding from funding source 1 and/or 2 below must complete the funding application (linked below) and a Travel Authorization form. Supervisor funding requests must be approved by the LRSA. Funding committees may authorize up to the amount requested, but may fund less based on available funds or committee decision.

A Classified member may apply for funding multiple times per academic year up to the maximum amount allowed by each committee. Plan to submit all forms at least four (4) weeks before your in-state event. For events over 500 miles from Sacramento, submit all forms at least six (6) weeks in advance. Committees, maximum per year, and eligible staff are listed here:

Eligible Staff Maximum Per Year
Campus-based Professional Development Funding Eligible staff members: Confidential, LRCEA, SEIU, Supervisors Maximum $500 per year
Los Rios Classified Employees Association Eligible staff members: LRCEA members only Maximum $800 per year
Los Rios Supervisors Association Eligible staff members: LRSA Members only No Maximum
Departmental Funds Based on department budget

For questions, email the Classified Professional Development Funding Committee:

Professional Development Proposal Form

Professional Development Follow Up Form

Request Historical Data. View a spreadsheet of responses collected from the Professional Development follow up form.


Concur Travel (book airlines at the least expensive rate, billed directly to Los Rios)
Adobe PDFLos Rios Regulation R-8341: Travel and Conference (PDF)
Adobe PDFLos Rios Standard Mileage Rate Chart (PDF)
Adobe PDFLos Rios Mileage Log (PDF)
Adobe PDFLos Rios Transportation Handbook (PDF)