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What are Meta-Majors?

Meta-majors are groupings of similar areas of study designed to help students who are undecided narrow down their interests and decide on a major. Meta-majors can also help students make the connection between their studies and different career opportunities. Exploring meta-majors will help students pick the right degree-applicable classes and complete their educational goals on time. View program maps for each meta-major.

How Were They Selected?

FLC utilized input from all constituency groups via in-person collegewide meetings as well as historical student data provided by the Office of Institutional Research to identify the meta-majors.

Explore FLC's Meta-Majors

Who Are Success Coaches?

Folsom Lake College provides all first time students with a direct connection to a staff member, called a Success Coach, providing students an easy way to request information, ask questions, and receive help quickly. Success Coaches also follow up with students who may need a little more support or help with topics like enrolling in classes, finding out where to purchase books and supplies, and how to access FLC's diverse resources. If you haven't reached out to your Success Coach, contact them today!

Who do Success Coaches Serve?

Primarily, Success Coaches support first year students. However, all students are welcome to reach out to us for assistance.

What Can Success Coaches Help You With?

  • Connect to support services
  • Answer questions you may have about FLC
  • Remind you of important dates and deadlines
  • Enroll in classes
  • Navigate online platforms like Canvas and eServices
  • Make an appointment with a Counselor
  • Highlight important events
  • Promote opportunities tailored to your major/career
  • Assist in removing barriers you may face in your academic journey

First Year Success Milestones

What are milestones and why are they important?

Milestones are important goals you should complete in your first year to take you one step closer to reaching your education goals. There are four milestones you should complete within your first year.

  1. Get a Comprehensive Education Plan - Did you know having an education plan can increase your success?

    Meet with a Counselor

  2. Renew your Financial Aid Application - Did you know most community college students receive some form of financial aid?
  3. Take Math and English - Did you know taking Math and English your first year can help you reach your educational goals faster and increases your chances for graduation/transfer?
  4. Plan for 15 - Did you know taking 15+ units each semester increases your chances of completing coursework within two years and could qualify you for additional financial aid?

Success Coaches

Brittney Anderson

General Education
and General Transfer

Brittney Anderson
Success Coach for General Education and General Transfer
Phone: (916) 608-6730
Text: (916) 345-2868

Schedule a Meeting with Brittney

Jaskirat Kaur

Exploring Pathways
and Undecided

Jaskirat Kaur
Success Coach Exploring Pathways and Undecided
Phone: (916) 608-6436
Text: (916) 345-2586

Schedule a Meeting with Jas

Faculty Meta-Major Liaisons

Meta-Major liaisons serve a critical role in bridging student services and instruction to support guided pathways and create a seamless student experience.