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What Are Program Maps?

One of Guided Pathways' objectives is to provide students with clear, educationally coherent program maps that include specific course sequences, progress milestones, and program learning outcomes. The maps help to simplify decision-making for students by providing intentional opportunities for exploration and informed choices. Students are helped from the start to understand academic and career options, choose a program of study, and develop a plan based on the program maps. These plans enable colleges to provide predictable schedules, frequent feedback, and embedded, discipline-specific support to help students stay on track and complete their programs more efficiently.

These maps are aligned with the knowledge and skills required by four-year institutions and the labor market, thus ensuring that students can continue their studies and advance in their careers. They also facilitate efforts by faculty to ensure that students are building knowledge and skills within and across programs that will allow them to succeed in further education and on the job.

View Program Maps

Click on the following DRAFT program maps organized via meta-major (Note: click on tabs at bottom of the Google Sheet to select the particular program map you are looking for):

DRAFT Meta-Major: Business and Management Program Maps
DRAFT Meta-Major: Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Program Maps
DRAFT Meta-Major: Public Service, Health, and Education Program Maps
DRAFT Meta-Major: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Program Maps