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Class Schedule Development

The Vice President of Instruction supervises the preparation of the college class schedule for each term. The schedule is typically published online in late-March for the summer session and fall semester and in late-October for the spring semester.

The area deans, in consultation with faculty and department chairs, carry out the preliminary activities of schedule development. Factors considered in schedule-making are:

  • District and college priority guidelines including student success and completion
  • Review of past enrollment patterns and estimates of enrollments in various classes
  • Balance of assignments cover day, evening, and center classes and to meet budget and FTE allocations
  • Qualifications of faculty members in terms of preparation of interest in subject fields
  • Number of preparations and formula hour loads
  • Balance of hour assignments for faculty
  • Availability of rooms and necessary facilities

The college will utilize a variety of software tools to meet student need/demand as well as to most efficiently use available resources.

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Schedule Development Spreadsheet

The following links take you to the most recently updated versions of the Schedule Development spreadsheet. Should you find they aren't current, please contact your dean's Administrative Assistant and they will request an update.

Spring Semester

Spring 2023 Schedule Development Spreadsheet
Spring 2022 Schedule Development Spreadsheet


Summer 2022 Schedule Development Spreadsheet
Summer 2021 Schedule Development Spreadsheet

Fall Semester

Fall 2022 Schedule Development Spreadsheet
Fall 2021 Schedule Development Spreadsheet

Enrollment Reports

Daily Enrollment Reports

The Daily Enrollment Report is a spreadsheet that includes course level data: subject, instructor name, enrollment numbers, fill rate, site, and more. This report is updated each work day and is saved in the Excel spreadsheet by date (see tabs at bottom of spreadsheet). The report can be exported and data sorted by fields of interest to the user.

Spring 2022 Daily Enrollment Report
Summer 2022 Daily Enrollment Report
Fall 2022 Daily Enrollment Report

Weekly Enrollment Reports

The Weekly Enrollment Report is a summary report of enrollment activity college-wide and by site, including: unduplicated headcount, total number of sections, total enrollments, FTEf, fill rate, productivity, and FTEs. This report compares this current year's data to the same week the previous year. This report is generated weekly from the time of enrollment through the start of 8W2. Reports are labeled by week (e.g. Week -2 is two weeks prior to the start of the term).

Spring 2022 Weekly Enrollment Report
Summer 2022 Weekly Enrollment Report
Fall 2022 Weekly Enrollment Report

District Enrollment Reports

The Los Rios Community College District generates and distributes enrollment reports intermittently throughout the term. Those reports provide District-wide and college-level data, including: weekly census, daily census, estimated positive attendance, WSCH, and unduplicated headcount. This report compares this current year's data to the same week the previous year.

Spring 2022 District Enrollment Report
Summer 2022 District Enrollment Report
Fall 2022 District Enrollment Report

Enrollment Report Archives