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Starfish is a case management and early alert software designed to provide feedback to students and their case management team about their academic performance. The system allows counselors to easily connect with instructors, students, and other student services team members to create a safety net for students.

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Why Should Counselors Use Connect with Starfish?

Connect with Starfish:

  • Informs you about students in your program who are struggling in their courses.
  • Facilitates conversations with students about barriers they are facing and strategies to improve.
  • Enables efficient communication between the counselor the case management team and instructors when students are facing retention-related concerns.
  • Tracks student progress as they work on recommendations and referrals provided to them.

How Do I Use Starfish?

  • Log in to Starfish to view information about students, including kudos, flags, referrals, to do items, and notes.
  • See academic feedback given to students by instructors via concern flags, congratulatory kudos, and action referrals. Your program will be alerted when students receive this feedback.
  • Create your own notes, make referrals, initiate to do items, and establish success plans in your appointments so your team can follow up and support your students.
  • Document information about students and the support you have offered for your colleagues to reference.

How Do I Learn More?

  • Check with your dean for training opportunities.
  • Check out the resources and instructional guides linked on this page.

Instructional Guides and Resources

Starfish Flex presentation

Starfish Flex Presentation

View the Folsom Lake College flex presentation on Starfish.

Starfish Flex Presentation

Starfish Guides and Resources

Starfish Guides and Resources

Find guides and resources for how to use Starfish.

Starfish Instructional Guide