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Starfish Flex

Starfish Flex Presentation

View the Folsom Lake College flex presentation on Starfish.

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How to Login to Starfish

  1. Log into Starfish by clicking on the following link:
    (bookmark this link so you can come back and continue to explore Starfish)

    The link will open up to the Los Rios Single Sign On (SSO) prompt. Enter your username (your w-ID) and Los Rios password. 

    Starfish login
  2. Once you have logged in, you should see the main dashboard which looks like this:
    Starfish dashboard

How to Search for a Student by Name and Filter by Course Section

  1. In the upper left-hand corner, click on the three bars. This will open up a sidebar navigation menu.
    Starfish navigation menu
  2. From the sidebar navigation menu, click on Students.
    starfish students
  3. From the student view, you can search for a student by name (red arrow), filter by connections (green arrow), and set additional filters (blue arrow). 
    Dashboard students

    If you know a student, please type in that student’s name of W-ID in the search box (red arrow) and see if you can locate that student.

    Then click on that student’s name to open up their profile. From this screen, you can view the student’s info, courses enrolled, and other items. If you notice anything missing or incorrect, please note the student’s ID and what is missing or incorrect and let us know. 
    Student profile
  4. Under Connections (green arrow), click on the drop-down button next to All My Students.
    Connections dashboard
    You should see all the connections available to you (red circle). As an instructional faculty, you should be able to see all the courses you are currently teaching. Are all of your courses listed? If not, let us know.
    Starfish tracking
    Select a course, and check the student listed by selecting a few student IDs to cross check with your roster. Are the students listed correct? If not, let us know.

    Additionally, if you scroll to the bottom of the screen, you will see the total number of students within your connection (see red circle below). Does the total number of students displayed seem correct? If not, let us know. 
    total students
  5. Another way to check if students are labeled correctly is to use Additional Filters from the upper right-hand corner (red circle).
    Starfish student filter
    When you click on Additional Filters then a dialogue box will open.
  6. From the dialogue box, click on Cohorts & Relationships (green arrow).
    Starfish student filter 2
  7. From the Cohorts & Relationships screen, click on Organization(s) and then search and select the organization you wish to examine. Below I have selected the FLC Students on Probation organization. When you are done setting additional filters, click submit (green arrow).
    Starfish student filter 3
  8. Now scroll to the bottom of the first page of the student list to see the total number of students that are in the group you selected. If you selected FLC Students on Probation, does the total number look correct? If not, let us know. Please repeat this for each group of students that you are responsible for.
    Starfish student filter 4

Understanding Flags, Kudos, Referrals, and To-Do's

  1. First, select a student from the list under My Students by checking the box next to that student’s name. Then, depending on your permission, click on Flag, Referral, To-Do, or Kudos in the top navigation bar (green circle.) If you have difficulty accessing any of these, please let us know. Remember, flags are only raised by instructors.
  2. Let’s start with a referral. Check the box next to the student’s name that you want to raise a flag for. Then click on Referral (green circle above). A dialogue box will open, and you can click on the drop-down arrow next to Referral. This will show you all the options available to you.

    Since Starfish is a system shared districtwide, you will see options for the other colleges (if they have been populated). FLC has been selected below.
  3. You will only see one option per college for the flags, referrals, and kudos. You will be able to specify what the flag, referral, or kudo is for in the comment box (green arrow). You can also see who will be able to view this tracking item (see student view and permissions below). Make sure you are aware of who can view the tracking item and the comment you write.
    Create Referral
  4. Repeat this process for referrals, kudos, and to-do's. Below is a list and description of what tracking items are in Starfish.

    Flags: Academic Support. This flag is designed to only be used between a faculty member and student. The student IS notified of the flag, and will receive the comment typed. If the situation escalates, then the support team can be alerted and they can view the history of this tracking item to better support the student. The faculty member will raise the flag, and close the flag when complete.

    Referrals: Other Support. A referral is raised when a student needs to be sent to a service provider for intervention that exceeds the services provided within the classroom or the originating service area. The student IS NOT notified of the flag. The Success Program Staff will receive the referral, make contact with the student, and will close the referral.

    Kudos: Good Job! Kudos are raised when a student has demonstrated positive effort on an assignment, is engaging in positive interactions, or followed-through on a needed task. The student IS notified of the kudos. Kudos can be raised by any staff in the student’s network. No follow up action is needed.

    To-Do: There are five options under to-do's (complete financial aid application, enroll in classes, follow up, meet with your counselor/advisor, and pay your fees now.) These are raised and closed by the Success Program Staff. The Student IS notified of these to-do's.

    Depending on your role(s), you might not have access to all of these options. Please go in and attempt to raise a flag, referral, kudos, and to-do. If you are not able to access them, and you believe you should have access, let us know.

How to View a Flag

  1. To view a flag, navigate to Tracking at the top of your student view (red circle), and then check the student you wish to close a tracking item for (red arrow). You have the option of resolving the flag, adding a comment without resolving the flag, or (if your permissions allow it) to assign the flag to another staff person.
    When you click on Resolve, a dialogue box will open and will give you the options of checking: successfully addressed, not successfully addressed, no longer relevant, or insufficient information to resolve the flag. After a flag has been resolved, it will no longer show up in the tracking queue for active flags, but you can search for and filter by resolved flags and tracking items.
    Clear Flag
    Please go in and attempt to close any flags, referral, and to-do tracking items you have raised. If you are not able to access them, and you believe you should have access, let us know.

How to Assign a Referral

  1. If you have permission to assign a referral, then navigate to Tracking at the top of your student view (red circle), and then check the student you wish to close a tracking item for (red arrow). Click on Assign.
  2. After you click on Assign, a prompt will open that will allow you to select who to assign the referral to. Click on Other Provider and search for the person you wish to assign the referral to.
  3. A comment box is available to provide additional information, and is highly recommended.

Respond to a Progress Survey for Students in Your Courses

You will receive an email reminder when there is a new survey for you to complete. Each individual survey presents a student roster for one course section on whom you can raise flags.

  1. Select the progress survey link on your Starfish Home page to go the Progress Surveys (only visible when you have active surveys).
    progress survey

    The selected survey opens, listing your students on the left, and items you may raise across the top.
    selected survey
  1. Check the box for each desired item/student combination.

    Click the comments icon ( comments icon ) to open a text box for your notes.

    Click the information icon ( info icon ) associated with an item to verify whether the student can view the flag and related comments.
  2. Click the Submit button only when you are finished providing feedback. The items you selected will be raised on your students when you submit the survey.

Important: Once you have submitted the survey you will not have an opportunity to add to or undo the items you raised. Use the Save Draft option if you are not ready to submit your survey.


You may be asked to submit more than one course survey if more than one of your courses has been included in the survey plan for your institution. They will be listed in the drop-down menu on the Progress Surveys tab.

Watch the Respond to Progress Surveys video for a demonstration of this feature:

Setup Your First Office Hours Block

The first time you log in to Starfish, Starfish will provide a 'wizard' to walk you through setting up your office hours, which enables students to schedule time with you. If you do not wish to complete the wizard just yet, check the box labeled "Show me this Office Hours Setup Page again next time I login if I don’t have any Office Hours" and then click the Close button.

Office Hours Set Up

If your office hours are different week to week, follow the "If your office hours don’t repeat weekly, click here" link. 

If your office hours recur:

  1. Complete the fields presented to specify:
    • What day(s) do you have office hours? - check the boxes for each day.
    • What time are your office hours? - enter a start and end time.
    • Where are they? - select the Type of setting and enter the Details in the field provided (e.g. the building and room number of your office). If relevant, provide Instructions for students who make appointments with you.
  2. Click the Set up Office Hours button to save your office hours.


To setup additional office hours or make any changes, use the buttons on your Home or Appointments page to Add Office Hours, Add Appointment, Add Group Session, Event, Reserve Time or use the Scheduling Wizard.

Add hours

Each of these options is discussed in greater detail in the End Users’ Guide to Connect (PDF).

You may also find the Update your Office Hours video helpful:

Using Office Hours

Office HoursFrom the Home page select Office Hours to create single or recurring set of office hours.

Edit/Cancel a series of office hours from the Agenda view

AvailabilityHover over this icon to edit the frequency, time of day, locations, office hour types, minimum and maximum duration of appointments, appointment types, instructions, or start/end date of the series.

Edit/Cancel individual occurrences from the Day view of the calendar

Day viewHover over this icon to display a pop up card from which you can take additional actions.

Important Note: Once an office hour block is saved, you will not be able to edit weekdays on which it occurs or type of frequency (i.e. weekly).

Tips on adding Office Hours

  • Title: Displays on your calendar to distinguish sets of office hours.
  • Where?: Options are added via Edit Profile > Appointment Preferences tab.
  • Office Hour Type: If you are using a Kiosk, use Scheduled and Walk-ins.
  • Appointment Types: Use to limit an office hour block to one meeting type i.e. Advising.

Starfish Videos

Watch these short videos to learn about Starfish and how it is used in a community college setting.