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The syllabus is a more detailed “roadmap” for the instructional activities that are part of your course. Your syllabus might include information from your Student Information Sheet, copies of articles for class reading, study guides, vocabulary lists, as well as a course schedule, detailed descriptions of assignments, and homework assignments.

Use the approved course outline for each class you teach. Prepare a Student Information Sheet that identifies your expectations for the course and for the students, as well as administrative processes for your class. Examples may be available from your instructional dean, department chair, or mentor.

The Student Information Sheet is one of the single most important documents that you can create for both you and your students. By mapping out a plan-of-action in advance, you will be able to develop a course to its fullest extent while remaining within the practical limitations of the course. The students also benefit from receiving a Student Information Sheet because it answers general questions about the course such as course outcomes, required and optional books and supplies, descriptions of assignments and exams, classroom policies, a calendar for the course, academic honesty policies, attendance policies, and grading policies. Every effort should be made to make the document as clear and comprehensive as possible.


Adobe PDFGuidelines for Online, Hybrid and Web-Enhanced (PDF)
Adobe PDFSyllabus Guidelines (PDF)
Microsoft WordSyllabus Logo Template (DOC)