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Business Services

Business Services serves the college community of students, faculty, administrators, and staff by:

  • Providing access to accurate financial information.
  • Facilitating access to funds through proper knowledge and implementation of generally accepted governmental accounting standards and district policies and procedures.
  • Providing sound business practices in the daily financial operations of the college.


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Travel Overview

Please see the back of a Travel Form for Instructions as well.

Employees need approval for all company travel and/or mileage reimbursements. Please allow at least two weeks for approval. A month is best if asking for a cash advance or prepayment for registration, etc.

  • Begin by completing the left side of a travel form Part I. Use an extremely firm hand as the form is 5-part NCR.
  • Attach any necessary receipts and quotes to Part I. Keep in mind any optional items, like "Early Bird Check-In Fees" on a flight are not reimbursable. You must select the lowest rate available, for example “wanna get away” on Southwest.
  • When printing maps for mileage, District Office requests you use MapQuest. You do not need to print round trip instructions, just double the one-way mileage. There is no need to print MapQuest for Intercampus travel. Use the standard mileage chart provided by District Office to find the allowable distance to each campus.
  • If traveling out of state/or a distance greater than 500 miles, College President must sign the travel. Please allow extra time for this process.
  • Meal allowance is a set amount for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The times you list for departing and arriving back home are a factor. Please see the back of the travel for this information and the meal rates.
  • If an employee does not travel outside of District boundaries, overnight stays and meals are not reimbursable. Feel free to ask if you are not sure if an area is in boundaries or not.
  • Employees may ask for a Cash Advance or a Registration Prepayment when they submit a travel to save out-of-pocket costs. Please round the cash advance to a whole number if possible. Minimum of $100 is required for cash advance.
    • If you do opt for any prepayment you must complete Part II. A and/or B. Be sure to supply an invoice and/or clear instructions for District Office on who and where to send any registration payment, and when it is due.
  • Employees may use Concur (District Travel Agency) to book flights/rental cars so that they do not have to pay for them out of pocket. Concur does not book hotels, so hotels will still need to be reserved and paid for on a personal credit card. Please see your Area Administrative Assistant if you would like to register on Concur for an upcoming travel.

When Part I is complete, employee should sign and submit the travel form with all final back-up to their Area Dean to approve. Area Dean will be sure there is adequate budget, approve and forward to me. Notes: For Zero $ Travels, I will get VPA signature (on Part I only) to approve the trip or no-cost event. Employee/Dean will be emailed a scan of the approved travel and the travel will be filed in BSO. Part III will not need to be completed.

Once Part I is approved, I will send the yellow/pink/goldenrod copies to the Employee’s Administrative Assistant. Employee will complete Part III - the right side, when they return from their trip. Please attach all receipts that were not previously attached, sign, and submit to Area Dean for final approval. Part III must be completed no later than 3 days after your return.

If a hotel stay is involved, be sure to bring back an Itemized Hotel Receipt (folio). The receipt must have your name, the dates and all detail with taxes, fees, parking, etc. It must also show a zero balance.

If all is well, I will submit travel to District Office for reimbursement on the next available check run and will email you once the check has arrived so that you can pick it up in Business Services Office. Please be sure to bring a photo ID.

If you have any questions, or you would like to meet to complete a travel, I am happy to help.

Susie Calise
FLC Business Services Office
Phone: (916) 608-6562

Find additional purchasing forms and documents on the Los Rios District Purchasing Forms page.


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