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The primary goal of faculty performance review is to improve the quality of the educational program. The process should promote professionalism, enhance performance, and be effective in yielding a genuinely useful and substantive assessment of performance. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to identify, recognize, and nurture excellence; to identify standard performance; to encourage regular and substantive faculty student interaction; and to indicate areas where improvement is necessary or desirable. While formal performance review occurs on a cyclical basis, informal review by colleagues and supervisors occurs on a continuous basis, and, as such, communication should also be continuous.

Education Code §87660 et seq. set forth the requirements for the evaluation of faculty. The legislative intent, as stated in AB 1725, provides that a faculty member's students, administrators, and peers should all contribute to his or her performance review, but the faculty should play a central role in the performance review process and, together with appropriate administrators, assume principal responsibility for the effectiveness of the process.

All matters relating to the performance review process are of a confidential nature and members of the review team have the responsibility of maintaining this confidentiality. The faculty member being reviewed, however, is encouraged to utilize all available college and District resources in responding to any performance team recommendations, including working with an Academic Senate-appointed mentor.

For more information, please refer to your respective Collective Bargaining Agreement

Performance Review Forms