Early Alert

Early Alert is a program designed to identify students in need of support and inform them of resources available to aid their college success. Counseling, tutoring, and workshops are among the services available to improve chances of success in the classroom.

Who participates in Early Alert?

Early Alert is a partnership between instructors, Student Services staff and students. It is the instructors' decision to participate in Early Alert. Folsom Lake College’s instructors and Student Services staff have been active in keeping Early Alert successful. Many students receive assistance in some form as a result of their instructor's actions. This shows that a concerted effort is being made by faculty and staff to improve student retention. 

How do students get identified for Early Alert? 

The instructor informs Early Alert when they have noticed that students may be struggling with the class. The problem may be attendance, test scores, not turning in homework, English language or writing ability, or any number of possibilities. Once notified, Early Alert contacts the student via phone or mail.

Early Alert staff members maintain internal records aimed at keeping track of the services that students use in order to determine which services are most effective. Early Alert staff encourage students to speak with their instructors, seek tutoring services, make counseling appointments, and attend Early Alert workshops. In some cases Early Alert staff may speak with instructors on behalf of students.

Early Alert Referral Form


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