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The specific typefaces chosen to represent the college brand put forth a visual voice and tone to convey key words and messages. Our brand typography establishes Folsom Lake College's dignity and prestige in a modern and clean manner.

Logo Typeface

The Folsom Lake College wordmark is adapted from the typeface Trajan. Always use the approved logo and wordmark; do not recreate it using the Trajan family or any similar typeface.

Logo Trajan typeface

Primary Typefaces

Use Calibri Regular and Gill Sans Regular as the primary and secondary fonts. Additional fonts may be used on official website(s).

Primary: Calibri Regular

Calibri Regular typeface alphabet

Secondary: Gill Sans Regular

Gill Sans Regular typeface alphabet

Additional Font Family Characteristics

Calibri Regular Italic

Calibri Regular Italic typeface alphabet

Calibri Light

Calibri Light typeface alphabet

Calibri Light Italic

Calibri Light Italic typeface alphabet

Calibri Bold

Calibri Bold typeface alphabet

Calibri Bold Italic

Calibri Bold Italic typeface alphabet

Gill Sans Regular Italic

Gill Sans Regular Italic typeface alphabet

Gill Sans Light

Gill Sans Light typeface alphabet

Gill Sans Light Italic

Gill Sans Light Italic typeface alphabet

Gill Sans Bold

Gill Sans Bold typeface alphabet

Gill Sans Bold Italic

Gill Sans Bold Italic typeface alphabet