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The Distance Education Subcommittee's objective is to maintain responsibility for the review of distance education (DE) portions of curriculum that pertain to all delivery modalities except in-person, and for the Distance Education Plan.

Agendas and Minutes


  1. To provide guidance to faculty developers in properly justifying DE curriculum requests based upon the standards set forth in the 2008 Distance Education Guidelines from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office.
  2. To provide guidance to faculty developers in meeting district, state, and federal requirements for Regular and Effective Contact.
  3. To make recommendations to the Curriculum Committee in regards to approval of DE requests.
  4. To ensure that curriculum for DE contains the same academic standards as those required for in-person courses.
  5. To provide guidance to the college on matters related to Distance Education planning.
  6. To work with the OIR to identify data elements and develop reports to aid in informed DE decision making.


  1. To assist curriculum developers in making appropriate DE requests.
  2. To review and recommend changes needed for DE requests to the Technical Review Subcommittee in order to comply with the district, state, and federal guidelines.
  3. To periodically review current best practices for DE in regards to delivery, learning management systems, publisher modules, and providing for students with disabilities.
  4. To maintain responsibility for Distance Education planning.


Total number of members is eight (8), including representation from the following constituency groups:

  1. Administrators (1)
    1. Administrative Liaison (1)
  2. Faculty (7)
    1. Faculty Instructional Design and Development Coordinator (1)
    2. Faculty (1) from the Curriculum Committee with online/hybrid teaching experience
    3. Faculty (5) from different disciplines with online and/or hybrid teaching experience

Committee Membership Roster