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The Flex Subcommittee develops Flex offerings for convocation and other Flex specific workshops and events.

Agendas and Minutes


  1. Assess feasibility of potential Flex activities.
  2. Collaborate with the campus community to develop effective Flex activities for convocation.
  3. To review and implement Flex goals as part of the Professional Development Plan.


  1. Recommend Flex activities and schedule to the FPDC.
  2. Schedule and promote approved Flex activities.
  3. Solicit and evaluate Flex proposals.
  4. Assist instruction office with tracking faculty Flex attendance.
  5. Evaluate Flex activities as per the Professional Development Plan.
  6. To report to the FPDC and receive full committee approval for all processes and procedures.


Total number of members varies, but requires at least two (2) faculty members of the Faculty Professional Development Committee. Subcommittee will be co-chaired by the Faculty Professional Development Committee Chair and the Professional Development Coordinator.

Committee Membership Roster