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To serve as the collaborative forum that coordinates the creation and execution of the Student Equity and Achievement Plan.

Agendas and Minutes


To write, implement, and review the integrated plan.


  1. To collaborate with the Diversity and Equity Committee to implement the Student Equity and Achievement Plan.
  2. Inform the Matriculation & Student Success Committee on SEAP.
  3. To collaborate with Matriculation and Student Success to review proposed revisions for the Student Equity and Achievement Plan.


Total number of members is ten (10), including representation from the following constituency groups:

  1. Administrators (2)
    1. SEAP Administrator Tri-Chair (1)
    2. Office of Institutional Research Administrator (1)
  2. Faculty (4), including Faculty Tri-Chair
    1. Faculty from English (1)
    2. Faculty from Mathematics (1)
    3. Faculty from Guided Pathways Meta-Majors (2)
  3. Classified (2), including Classified Tri-Chair
    1. Equity Center (1)
    2. Member of Student Services Council with experience in SEAP work (1)
  4. Faculty or Classified (1)
    1. Member of Diversity and Equity Committee with experience in SEAP work (1)
  5. Resource
    1. Student who represents the disproportionately impacted student populations FLC serves (non-voting)

Committee Membership Roster